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Our Mission

Bullet Prove Accessories are created with bullets donated throughout the streets of South Florida, Chicago and more, especially where gun violence is prevalent (Bullets4Life). By wearing our accessory you not only beautifully re-purpose a donated bullet, but you also contribute to our organizations goal to bring awareness about to the issue of senseless gun violence and bring comfort and confidence back to its victims. 

If you are in the Broward/Miami-Dade area and will like to pick up your accessory instead, please DM us on instagram @bulletprove_accessories

Thank You!

With every purcahse, a bracelet is gifted to a family affected by gun violence


one less life taken by gun violence

Donate A Bullet Save A Life

Through Bullets4Life we collected over 1000 bullets through donations and we won't stop now. Please feel free to donate anytime we are in your area, for anymore information please follow us below and let us know!

Founder - Susan Kennedy

Our Family

Jennifer Blackman

The number one supporter and Mother of the Founder. She is one of the designers specializing in men's accessories.

Wanda Jones (Mama J)

Wanda Jones lost her 2 daughters Shuneequa Jones in 2012 and Atavia Jones in 2014. She joined Bullets 4 Life in 2017 to help spread awareness and is currently the director of B4L in Tampa. She specializes in creating the bracelets that are gifted to mothers.

Sherita Small

Sherita Small lost her son Zamari Pierre-Louis to gun violence in 2014. She joined Bullets4Life as a volunteer early 2018 and continues to play an important role in our organization. 

Bullets 4 Life Chicago

Ashley Taylor became Chicago's Director of Development in 2018! Pushing the mission in Chicago. Bringing together a team of passionate volunteers to change hearts and mindsets about sensless gun violence.

Bullets 4 Life Florida City

Regina Talabert is a mother who lost her daughter Noricia Talabert in 2015 at the age of 17 to gun violence. She joined B4L in 2018 in honor of her daughter and is currently the head of B4L in Florida City. 

Bullets 4 Life Fort Myers

Gigi Stanley is a mother who lost her son Angelo Gary in 2006 to senseless gun violence. She joined Bullets 4 Life in 2018 to help save lives in honor of her son as the director in Fort Myers.